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AU 2023 The Design & Make Conference

November 13, 2023 - November 15, 2023

AU brings together innovators in architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media and entertainment, to share ideas, advance industry practices, and explore opportunities for the future. It’s the conference for those who make anything.


Talks covering OpenUSD

ASWF + AOUSD – Using Open Source as a Competitive Advantage

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 14, 1:30-2:30 pm PT

Speaker: Guillaume Brossard, Director of Software Development, Autodesk

Description: Creating movies involves a lot of work, including delivering productions with increasingly impressive special effects and realistic computer-generated scenes, all while meeting tight deadlines and compressed budgets. Collaboration and efficiency are essential as complexity increases. This talk will use real-life examples from the film and games industry to show how open technologies can help clients improving collaboration and efficiency while providing strategic benefits for enterprises to contributing to these open technologies.

Class link:


The ABC’s of USD

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 14, 3:30-4:30pm PT

Speaker: Jordan Giboney, M&E Solutions Engineer, Autodesk

Description: It’s 2023 and you’ve been wondering “WTF is USD?” You’re not alone! Software never stops evolving, and it is easy to feel left behind when new tech enters the scene. Funny enough, that is exactly what USD is aiming to address. USD stands for Universal Scene Description, and it is an open-source initiative, meaning it is being built in a public facing manner, without any single company claiming ownership of its development. Rather, multiple companies share the same vision – a world where sharing production assets among programs is consistent, reliable and easy. In this class you will learn USD’s origin, where its currently at in the Media & Entertainment Industry, where it is headed, and how these techniques and technologies add benefit to any industry pipeline.

Class link:


Five Things to Know About Universal Scene Description (USD) for 3D Generalists (In-person)

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 14, 5:30-6:30pm PT

Speaker: Christopher Murray, Director of Learning and Training – Omniverse, NVIDIA

Description: As a 3D generalist working in architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing, it’s essential to understand Universal Scene Description (USD). USD is quickly becoming the industry standard for data exchange between different software applications. USD offers a powerful and efficient way to manage large and complex 3D scenes, allowing for better collaboration between different departments, and reducing the risk of errors during the production pipeline. In addition, USD enables the creation of real-time workflows using original source data, allowing for faster iteration and feedback. With the rise of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), distributed computing, and cloud data aggregation, USD’s importance will only increase. A strong understanding of USD will empower 3D generalists to work more efficiently and effectively with multiple data sources between different teams.

Class link:


November 13, 2023
November 15, 2023