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AOUSD Working Groups

At AOUSD, our work is driven by dedicated Working Groups, each focusing on a key area of OpenUSD’s standardization and evolution. These groups form the foundation of our collaborative efforts, bringing together a diverse range of experts to advance interoperability and innovation in 3D technology. All AOUSD members are welcome to participate and contribute their ideas.

Core Specification Working Group

The Core Specification Working Group is foundational to the mission of AOUSD. This group is working to outline and refine the OpenUSD standards that ensure seamless interoperability across various software platforms and devices. By defining the core structure of OpenUSD data, the group aims to provide a stable and consistent framework that will support the intricate demands of describing, composing, and simulating 3D environments.

View Core Specification Working Group Charter

Materials Working Group

This newly formed group focuses on the standardization of material definitions within OpenUSD to enhance look development across different applications and rendering tools. By establishing a normative standard for materials, the new Materials Working Group aims to ensure that materials behave predictably and consistently, not just today but also in the future. This consistency is crucial for industries requiring dependable long-term solutions and will facilitate smoother collaboration and innovation in material technology.

View Materials Working Group Charter

Geometry Working Group

Building on the foundational work of the Core Specification Group, the Geometry Working Group is set to draft detailed specifications for USD-based surfaces, shapes, and volumes applicable in both virtual and physical realities. This includes setting interoperability standards for CAD geometry data, which are vital for various industries, including media, entertainment, and more technical fields such as manufacturing and construction. The guidelines developed by this group will guarantee that USD-defined geometries remain reliable and functional when applied across different platforms and real-world applications.

View Geometry Working Group Charter

Marketing Working Group

The Marketing Working Group plays a pivotal role in promoting and disseminating the value of OpenUSD. By driving awareness and positioning AOUSD as a leader in open standards governance, this group works to attract new contributions and engage key companies within the 3D community. Their efforts are focused on maximizing the adoption of the core specification and encouraging active participation in AOUSD forums, ensuring that OpenUSD remains at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

Become a Member

As a General Member, you’ll work alongside industry peers in our Working Groups, helping to develop and refine the OpenUSD specifications. Your contributions will directly influence how 3D technologies evolve.

Become a Member

For more information about AOUSD membership, click here. For information regarding AOUSD Working Group processes, click here.

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